Sometimes I think there’s a hope, a chance, sometimes I think so, I do.

But then the words spill out of your mouth, and I watch your tongue dance the way you do.

And the words are sharp and grating, I can almost smell that expensive cologne

That you stole from the man your ex was dating, I can smell it through the phone

And you say these things about how you want me

But only in the way that you’ve always wanted me

Here, on the floor, on my knees, worshiping you like you are god

And I am always on my knees with you

And I don’t think it’s fair to

Invade my body, my temple

Unless you care to invade my soul

You only want what’s tangible

You want what’s under my clothes, but not what’s under my skin and bones

You remind me every time that we speak that we are no longer meant to be

I loved you once, I love you now, I’ll love you until the end of time

But I’ve learned to treat my soul better

Than you ever treated my body

And I will not accept the love I think I deserve anymore

I will accept the love that I know I am not worthy of

Someday someone will love me with ferocity, with fire, with every beat of their heart

And no I won’t deserve it.

I’m not good enough for that kind of love.

But it will be mine regardless

And you will grow up someday and wish that it was you that burned your fire into me

Instead of leaving me cold and blue

And I will not be sorry

Because I know that I will be free

Free of the tyranny that you imposed on me

My god, my love, my everything

Someday, you will be nothing.


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