The Many Miles and Reservations That Separate Us

It’s 11:23 and I can’t sleep

It’s late and I have to be up early

But I’m stuck on this couch with the television playing

Monotone voices all blended and mocking me

All I can think about is talking to you

But I’m not so sure that you want to

And I’m resisting the urge to call you again

To send you a message

Tell you how I’ve been

It’s so hard when I want to reach out

But you’re so far away I’d never be able to touch you

And to tell you all of these things

These things that I’m feeling would mean


And hurt and fear and hurt

And rejection

And hurt

So I stay radio silent

Like the good girl that I’m trying to be

I’m holding it back

I’m holding it in

Because I wouldn’t even know where to begin

And I’d hate to bother you

To light up your phone

One to many times in a day

In a week

And I am weak

But silent I’ll stay

It’s better that way

Because to reach out so far

And never get to touch you

Would be the most tragic story

Ever left untold


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